Oracle 10g使用amdu抽取数据文件

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Oracle 10g使用amdu抽取数据文件



环境:OEL 5.7 + Oracle RAC需求:实验在Oracle 10g环境使用amdu抽取数据库文件


1.使amdu可以在oracle 10g环境中使用2.使kfed可以在oracle 10g环境中使用3.amdu如何抽取损坏的ASM磁盘组数据

1.使amdu可以在oracle 10g环境中使用

在Oracle 10g环境,并没有自带amdu工具,需要自行去下载:具体可以参考MOS文档:

Placeholder for AMDU binaries and using with ASM 10g, 11g, 12c (文档 ID 553639.1)

> $cd <your directory>> $export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:`pwd` > or $setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:`pwd`> $export PATH=$PATH:`pwd` or setenv PATH ${PATH}:`pwd`> > or > > $cd <your directory>> $export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:`pwd` > or $setenv LIBPATH ${LIBPATH}:`pwd`> $export PATH=$PATH:`pwd` or setenv PATH ${PATH}:`pwd`


unzip /tmp/ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:`pwd` export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`

2.使kfed可以在oracle 10g环境中使用

在Oracle 10g环境kfed需要编译:

ASM tools used by Support : KFOD, KFED, AMDU (文档 ID 1485597.1)

KFED executable comes with installation from 11.1 onwards; for the older version you must build it.


$cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib$make -f ikfed



How to Restore the Database Using AMDU after Diskgroup Corruption (文档 ID 1597581.1)

1. Create pfile of lost database , from database alert.log startup messages.2. Startup database in nomount3. Get the controlfile number from db alert log , it will show while starting the database here in this eg. its 256eg., control_files="+DATA/orcl/controlfile/current.256.709676643"If you have controlfile backup already in non-asm location edit the pfile to point to location of non-asm and then mount the databaseIf you dont have controlfile backup then go to step 4 after determining the file# from step 34. $ amdu -diskstring <asm_diskstring> -extract DATA.256 5. shutdown the database and change the control_file location to point to the extracted file location6. startup mount the database7. once mounted, get the datafile file numbers using "select name from v$datafile" And get online redo logfile from "select * from v$logfile".8. Extract all datafiles and redolog files in similar manner9. alter database rename <datafile 1> to < newly extracte location>10. open the database


, 1, 0, 9);

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